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UNIGEL has used its extensive knowledge and experience in the Cable Industry to develop innovative polymer gels which can be used in a wide variety of application and industry wherever conventional greases and waxes are applied.

Temporary Corrosion Protection in an Aerosol Can

Uniguard is residual free, fast drying spray that can be applied to most surfaces and offers protection against dust and water.

Curing Compounds

Unibloc is a highly effective curing compound that offers corrosion protection. It is easily customized depending on the level of solidity required pending application requirements.

Unibloc can also be used as a highly effective potting compound to protect electronic and electrical components from thermal shock, vibration, moisture, and other environmental elements.

Flame Retardant Compounds

UNIGEL FR is a low smoke halogen free flame retardant water-blocking compound designed to replace conventional fillers where improved fire performance is required.

For further information please register to our Cheapest Tramadol Cod or Tramadol Ordering

Other Industry


Cable Filling Compounds, FRP and Tapes


Advanced Corrosion Protection for PT Systems


Wire Rope Protection, Corrosion Spray and flame retardants


Fillers for Medium & High Voltage Bushings